Capture and Relocation

Capture and Relocation of animals for cities and property associations throughout Texas.

Capture & Relocation methods for ranches that have exotic game.


As a quality provider to the Game industry in Texas, we aim to provide you the best in the industry. Our services include Capture, Transportation, Sales, & Management of animals with top-notch quality assurance and assistance. We especially aim to provide the most ethical & satisfactory solutions for all of our clients.


Cherokee Capturing Services is well-equipped to help you transport any capture. Most importantly, to deliver the most ethical relocations, our approach is to capture any species in a way to maximize its comfortability & chances of reaching destination.


Chemical capture is another viable method that may be used by the veterinarian to imobilize animals depending on its species and tolerance.


Capturing more than a couple animals at once is also possible by using methods called drop nets (60 by 60 feet). We also use large pens with a 120 foot diameter to capture large groups of animals at one time. We will gauge the best method to execute this in a way that will inflict only the least amount of stress to the species. Tranquilizers may be used if deemed situationally necessary by qualified staff.